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Monday, March 12, 2012

Some best things of world

Some best things of world
Searching in internet sometimes I got some exclusive images. Wants to share all of these but it cant make me possible. Today I will show you some pictures and places which are worlds best.

1)      Swimming Pull.
2)     Bridge
3)     Masjid
4)     Shopping Moll
5)     Stadium
6)     Hotel
7)     Fly over
8)     Excavator
9)     Statue
10)    Office Complex
1)Swimming Poll: Worlds most large swimming pool is situated Alberta in Canada. It has replaced 5across land.

2) Bridge: The World’s most long bridge is Donghai Bridge(Cross Sea Bridge)this 3 .6 kilometer-long bridge is located in China.

3) Mosque: The Faisal Mosque is the most largest mosque in Pakistan even among all over the world. It is situated at the north end of Faisal Avenue in Pakistan. You will be surprised by hearing that, In its inside 35,000 people and outside and in inside 1,50,000 people can pray together.

4) Shopping Center: Gross Leasable is The world’s largest shopping center. Which is stands with 7.1 million square fit of space.

5) Stadium: The world’s most expensive stadium is New Wembley Stadium. Which is situated In London. Its total expanse cost is 1.6 billion and its audience capacity is 90,000.

6)Hotel: Only one 7 star hotel of the worlds is Burj Al Arab Hotel. It is situated in Dubai. Most expensive hotel in world.

7): Fly over: Most Complex Interstate 10 Highways Interchange, Houston, Texas



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